The Carefully


Making the world better through mutalism, community, and care.

Who we are

Carefully is the platform for the sharing economy of tomorrow, allowing families to connect with people they trust to exchange childcare.

Our values

Karma, empowerment, mutualism, equity & access, trust & safety, belonging

Why Carefully?

Our goal is to help parents save money, connect with their community for finding childcare, and make sure they can organize that care with ease.

While it starts with sharing childcare, it’s about so much more... We’re surfacing and valuing invisible labor for what it’s truly worth, and connecting and activating communities to support each other through mutual aid.


We have a bold vision and are taking tangible steps to create a sustainable business, where individuals, local businesses and co-op members can prosper. Rooted in a set of shared core values, we will establish a sharing economy that not only sustains us, but inspires us to build a better world.

Through our co-op model, we’re giving back to those engaged communities through shared ownership, decision making and profit sharing opportunities as we grow. With a shared ownership model, we will to offer opportunities for community members and workers  to further engage, support, and have a voice in the direction of Carefully.

Get involved

The Carefully Cooperative enables our members to share in its profits while maintaining their independence. Our members work, share, and contribute in ways that make sense for them, from guerilla marketing to community building, to legal support and more. We're launching soon, and looking for people who want to get involved early. We know you all bring valuable skills and experience to the table. Let us know how you can help!

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